Tom Martin

Tom Martin had it all: millions of streams, chart topping hits and songs written, produced and mixed for many of the biggest artists on the planet, like David Guetta and Tiësto. But it was not why he is in music. As a songwriter and producer, there were no more challenges left. Tired of doing the same trick over and over again, he quits, only to become a solo artist and embrace total artistic freedom.

“It feels like magic when you write a lyric that totally sums up your feelings, when you play a beautiful chord progression or share a story that needs to be told. Those are the moments I live for” explains Tom his love for music. Born in Helsinki in an English family and growing up in various European countries, music has always been a constant factor in his ever changing life. With a father who loved playing the guitar, Tom grew up surrounded by music. He learned to play the piano, guitar and saxophone at a young age.

Back in England he joins various bands as a guitar player, one being an experimental rock band, which acted as the perfect vessel for him to toy around with sounds and song structures. He attends The Academy of Contemporary Music in London alongside Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner and George of AlunaGeorge to study Creative Sound Engineering and learn more about song writing, production and sound. He becomes a ‘tea boy’ in London’s Metropolis Studios, where he is involved with recordings by all the big shots in today’s pop music. The way they write songs inspire him to start making beats and songs on too, so he buys a laptop and recording software and starts learning how to make music with digital instruments. With his background as a songwriter, guitarist and pianist and an unique way of combining analogue and digital sounds he has all the sounds imaginable at his fingertips. He quickly becomes one of the most in-demand songwriters/producers in the industry.

As a solo artist he regains total artistic freedom. His songs start out played live on piano or guitar, and are finished on the computer. The results are strong pop songs with a modern touch, related to contemporaries like Disclosure, AlunaGeorge and Mura Masa. It’s music that is both deeply personal and human, like music is supposed to be. His songs are unique, and could only have been made by him. Tom: “Music is all about making a connection. I’m no longer the songwriter in the shadows. This time, it’s me who takes center stage."


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